Dish of the day *

  • 14.0Crumbed goat cheese salad
  • 15.0Cassoulet
  • 12.0Onion soup with French baguette croutons
  • 12.0Mushroom soup with croutons
  • 15.0Beef Burgundy
  • 12.0Ratatouille
  • 12.0Stuffed tomatoes with rice
  • 12.0Pasta with homemade bolognese and goat cheese sauce
  • 12.0Bechamel chicken with gratin dauphinois

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* check out the dish of the day displayed in store


  • 10.0Quiche Lorraine - ham, onion, parmesan cheese
  • 10.0Quiche chicken & goat cheese
    - chicken, French goat cheese, tomato and spinach
  • 10.0Quiche salmon and spinach - salmon, leek and spinach

All our quiches are homemade and served with some salad


  • 10.0Croque monsieur - sourdough bread, ham, swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, bechamel sauce
  • 13.0Croque chèvre - sourdough bread, guacamole, goat cheese, egg, Prosciutto ham
  • 7.5Baguette Parisian - ham and butter
  • 10.5Baguette jambon crudités - ham, mayonnaise, egg, salad, tomato
  • 11.5Baguette Frenchy - ham, swiss cheese, cornichon, salami, butter


  • 8.5Toastie salmon - sourdough bread, guacamole, salmon, egg
  • 8.5Toastie Prosciutto - sourdough bread, guacamole, Prosciutto ham, tomato, egg
  • 8.5Toastie veggie - sourdough bread, guacamole, goat cheese, tomato, spinach